How would you like to make decisions for your practice always knowing exactly where your finances stand?

My love for animal welfare led me to work in the hospital of an animal shelter, where I saw first hand a glimpse of all it takes to run a medical practice effectively.  After seeing the sheer volume of work done behind the scenes, I can see why a task like bookkeeping is neglected within a business.  Well, that and the fact that bookkeeping wasn't the reason you followed your passion to become a veterinarian and open your own practice.  When you know that someone who works exclusively on the books of veterinary practices is taking care of your books, you can refocus your energy on what matters most to you.

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You take care of your passion, your practice, and I'll take care of your books, which is my passion.

My goal is to organize your bookkeeping and present you with clear, current and easy to understand financial statements that provide you with an accurate insight into the health of your practice.  When your books are in order you are better prepared to make decisions to grow your practice.

  • I'm a bookkeeper located in the Corpus Christi, Texas area but can work virtually with any practice in the United States.
  • As a veterinarian exclusive bookkeeper, I take care of the unique needs of your field.
  • I work with only a limited number of clients at a time so that I can be available to take care of each client's individual bookkeeping needs.
  • My role with my clients is more than that of a regular bookkeeper. With my insight into the financial health of your practice, I can help you set up a budget, maintain it and provide advice regarding expenses, pay, sales and so forth.
  • It's important for me that my clients understand exactly what is going on with the financial health of their practice.  Which is why, at the end of the month when I provide my clients with their three financial statements,  I explain each one of the statements in detail so that they understand exactly where their money is going and coming from.

Accounting Software Certifications:

  • Xero Certified Advisor - Preferred Cloud Based Accounting Software
  • Expert Certification
  • Quickbooks Online Certified Advisor